Do You Need Training?

Can Your Personnel Answer These Questions?

  • How big is the primary danger zone?
  • What does one cubic foot of steel weigh?
  • What is the tension on a sling leg when the sling to load angle is 30 degrees?
  • Who should inspect?
  • What is resultant sling angle?
  • What factor is used to derate an eyebolt, when the eyebolt is being used horizontally?
  • What is the defined purpose of the hoist hook safety latch?
  • What is the grade of a chain sling and how can you tell if it is that grade?

Overhead Crane Training

Our training courses could prove to be one of your best investments. It will provide these benefits…and more.

  • Improve plant safety by increasing employee knowledge
  • Help your company comply with OSHA safety requirements
  • Reduction in equipment breakdowns and costly downtime
  • Reduce your company’s legal liabilities by providing training to all overhead crane operators
  • Better employee morale
  • Lower insurance premiums are possible

Who Should attend?

  • All overhead crane and hoist operators
  • All crane and hoist maintenance personnel
  • Plant managers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Safety program managers
  • Production area managers
  • Plant engineers
  • Supervisors