Crane Training USA is an industry premier overhead crane training partner that provides a variety of training courses.

We offer Training Center Sessions (TCS) held at our Cincinnati Training Center in West Chester, OH.  

The primary focus of each session is aimed at those who work the maintenance side of the overhead crane industry.  This includes crane and hoist service companies, factory maintenance personnel, maintenance supervisors and overhead crane operator trainers.

Training Sessions

These three day training sessions are designed to provide Maintenance Personnel, Inspectors, Supervisors and Service Company Technicians with the knowledge and confidence to perform the OSHA required monthly and periodic inspections for hoist, crane, sling and below-the-hook devices. All attendants will receive a comprehensive inspection manual, an OSHA code and inspection report manual, a troubleshooting manual, a sheave gauge, a certificate of completion and an inspector’s card. Also covered are the proper safety procedures for hoist and crane maintenance and inspection.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is NO additional cost for certification