LAIRD – Service Bulletin
Customers using Remtron brand ‘Push Button’ Operator Control Units (OCUs) that are experiencing communication / drop outs.

Issue Description
As part of the process of continuous improvement, we enhance our products to maintain the highest levels of safety and reliability. One such improvement made in August of 2015 modified the production firmware in a way that it will detect illogical function sequences, (similar to pressing the forward and reverse function at the same time). This sequence is possible if the operator presses hard on both sides of the rocker switch simultaneously. When such an uncertain command is recognized the system will do the following:

1. The OCU will shut off
2. The RF link is therefore terminated
3. The mainline contactor will then drop out
4. If the crane is equipped with brakes, the brake will activate unexpectedly.

By pushing the ON button on the controller, the system will reset itself.

Our Action
We have updated the firmware so that when the OCU detects a conflicting illogical sequence (e.g. up and down, forward and reverse, etc. at the same time) the OCU will simply block all functions until normal sequences are resumed.

This update will be performed on all units returned for repair.

Required Action
Users that have experienced problems with the OCU shutting off as described above can have the updated firmware installed; it will be necessary to return the OCU to:-
Service Department, Laird, 655 N. River Rd. NW, Ste. A, Warren, OH  44483-2254.
When returning a unit for this update only, please include a copy of this notification; this will notify the service group that the unit is only being returned for the update, and NO other repairs are required. This will insure a quick turnaround.



 CM One Ton Series 622 Hand Chain Hoists – Also, various Grainger Hoists

Contact Info: Larry P. Myhill, Service Manager
Product Standards & Service
Columbus-McKinnon Corporation
800-634-4647 Extension #309

Recalled ID’s:  CM One Ton, Series 622

Grainger Stock #5W557 (CM #2204), #9FVC0 (CM# 2210), #2Z896 (CM#2217), #5W558 (CM# 2262), #9FKF0 (CM# 2264), and Special Grainger Stock# (CM #2204S).  Serial #: PT-B, or PU-B (located on hoist name plate)

Recall Statement:   CM advised that a number of 1 ton Series 622 Hand Chain Hoists, manufactured in June and July 2001, may contain a pawl spring that does not comply with manufacturing specifications and may provide a short service life.  Pawl spring fracture will result in the load being transferred to the hand chain and subsequent release of the hand chain will allow the load to drop, resulting in possible property damage and/or injury.

Repair of these units under the recall procedure will require verification of Grainger stock number and serial number (PT-B or PU-B).

Action Required:    Remove unit from service, and send to a CM Master Parts Depot or Service Station.  Repair will involve replacement of pawl spring and load testing of the unit.  If you have one of these hoists call CM Contact above for further directions.

June / July 2001



Square D Company – Class 9001 Multi-Speed Pushbutton Pendant Inserts

Contact Info: Neil W. Tollas, Director
Logic Control Products
Square D Company
8001 Highway 64E
Bill Crum
Square D Company
128 Bingham Rd

Recalled ID’s:          Square D – Class 9001 Type SKRU2, SKRU3, SHKU4 or SKRU5 Multi-Speed Push Button Operators Manufactured between January 1999 and August 1999.  The cartons and pushbutton operator will be marked with a date code of #9901 through #9940.

Recall Statement:   Square D has become aware that the Class 9001 Type SKRU2, 3, 4, or 5 multi-speed operators may randomly maintain their actuated state when pressure to the button is released.  A small percentage of the units may exhibit this condition.  Depending on the application, an operator remaining in its actuated state can result in unintended machine operation, leading to a potential for serious personal injury or property damage.  Note:  Class 9001 Type SKRU2, 3, 4, or 5 multi-speed operators are most often mounted in Class 9001 SKYP Pendant Stations, but may be used in other pendant or enclosure applications.

Action Required:    Determine the date of manufacturing by checking the date code.  If you identify products with these date codes, make arrangements for immediate replacement of the operators by ordering a new device from your local Square D Distributor.  You will obtain full credit for the replacement operators by returning the old device to your local distributor.



Allen-Bradley Variable Depth Disconnect Switches

Contact Info: Rockwell Automation
Allen-Bradley Products Customer Service

Recalled ID’s:          Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1494V Variable Depth Disconnect Switches 1494V-DS100 Series A, 1494V-NX10 Series A, 1494V-NX15 Series A, 1494V-DS200 Series B, 1494V-DH622 Series B, 1494V-DR622 Series B, 1494V-DHL622 Series B, 1494V-DRL622- Series B, 1494V-DN200 Series B, and 1494V-DNL200 Series B.  All affected units were manufactured before July 2000

Recall Statement:   Rockwell Automations alert, states that in some of the units, bolts can become loose, dislodging the operating mechanism.  If this happens, the switch mechanism could be left on, even if the operating handle is turned to off, creating a shock hazard for maintenance personnel.

Action Required:    Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley recommend:

  • Continue using lockout/tagout procedures while working on equipment that is subject to disconnect switches such as the Bulletin 1494V.
  • Immediately inspect, per the preventive maintenance procedure, (can be found at all Bulletin 1494V-DS200 Series B and DS100 Series A disconnect switches.  Check for missing or loose bolts as indicated.  If either of these conditions is found, or if there is a crack in the housing as indicated in the diagram, replace the switch.  A replacement switch will be provided at no charge by local distributors.  Material will be returned following the GTS SMS process.
  • Kit Catalog # 1494V-H13 should be installed to ensure that bolts remain secure.  This kit can be ordered from your local Allen-Bradley distributor at no charge.

July 2000



Crosby Swivel Hoist Rings

Contact Info: Mr. Terry Johnson
The Crosby Group Inc.
2801 Dawson Road
Tulsa, OK 74110-5040
Recalled ID’s:  CrosbySwivel Hoist Rings

HR-125 Series – 1.50” (24,000#WLL), PN 1016986
HR-125 Series – 2.00” (30,000#WLL), PN 1016997
HR-125M Series – M 36 (11,000kgWLL), PN 1016690
HR-125M Series – M 42 (12,500kgWLL), PN 1016701
HR-125M Series – M 48 (30,000kgWLL), PN 1016712

The only items recalled are the above items with the Product Identification Code “Y5C” marked on the bail, or “Z7C” marked on the bolt.

Bail Product ID Code Possible Locations
Bolt Product ID Code Location
    WLL Location

HR-125 Product Identification Code Locations

Recall Statement:   READ THIS WARNING CAREFULLY !  Failure to heed this warning may result in property damage, severe injury, or death.   The Crosby Group has been made aware of a potential hazard in the use of the above listed size Crosby HR-125, and HR-125M Swivel Hoist Rings, if they were produced in the stated production run.

Action Required:   These specific size Swivel Hoist Rings, which are marked with the referenced Product Identification Codes, shall be taken out of service immediately, and returned to The Crosby Group for Inspection.

  • The end user shall immediately inspect all stock, whether in use or in inventory, and return to the Distributor to arrange for replacement.
  • Distributors are to obtain a Return Goods Authorization, identify and return all designated Swivel Hoist Rings.

April 8, 2003



Weigh-Tronix / Dillon Model AP Dynamometers and Crane Scales

Contact Info: Recall Hotline
Weigh-Tronix, Inc.
Dillon Division

Recalled ID’s:          Dillon Model AP Dynamometers and Crane Scales with Serial Numbers 6620 through 7971 shipped between June 13, 1996 and December 4, 1996, with a capacity of between 4,000 and 20,000 pounds.

Recall Statement:   Dillon has advised that some Model AP Dynamometers and Crane Scales have been manufactured from substandard materials.  A dynamometer failure during lifting could result in an injury, fatality, or equipment damage.

Action Required:   Remove these units from service immediately!  Contact Weigh-Tronix Inc. for further assistance.

December 18, 1996



Weigh-Tronix / Dillon Model AN and ANC Dynamometers

Contact Info: Recall Hotline
Weigh-Tronix, Inc.
Dillon Division

Recalled ID’s:          ALL Dillon Model AN and ANC Dynamometers

Recall Statement:   Dillon has issued a Notice of Product Service Termination on all models AN and ANC Dynamometers.  A dynamometer failure during lifting could result in an injury, fatality, or equipment damage.

Action Required:   Remove these units from service immediately!  These units should be permanently taken out of service.  These units could be at the end of their useful safe working life.  These models were last manufactured in 1976 some are more than 50 years old.   On March 28, 1996, at the Navy Reactor Facility at INEL, a 20,000 pound capacity Dillon Model AN failed while lifting 8,500 pounds.  Investigators determined failure occurred because of brittle fracture.

May 1, 1996