Dedicated to the proper training of the USA’s overhead hoist and crane operators, Crane Training USA provides comprehensive safety training for Overhead Crane Operators, Service Technicians, and Crane Maintenance/Crane Inspection Personnel. Crane Training USA offers flexible training schedules, variable training methods, inspection tools, ASME/ANSI required decals, videos, “Train-The-Trainer” courses, and incentive items for Overhead Crane Operators.

Crane Training USA has:

  • Trained in 49 of the 50 states in the US
  • Trained in 4 countries
  • Had over 21,000 attendees
  • Been called on to investigate in over 200 industrial accidents related to overhead cranes
  • Held over 120 training sessions in our own training center
  • Conducted audits on overhead cranes for numerous companies
  • Trained OSHA personnel
  • Over 25 years of training personnel in the overhead crane field
  • Conducted numerous Train the Trainer sessions to our customers to promote overhead crane safety

Mission Statement:

Crane Training USA will serve as our customer’s centerpiece for overhead crane training and knowledge to continuously improve the skills and abilities of all employees so that they are able to maintaining safe work conditions, think critically and communicate effectively, adjust to a changing environment, and enhance the quality of their work.

Our Trainers: