Audit Services

Are your Operators and Inspectors abiding by the OSHA Requirements?

Crane Training USA can help to identify both strengths and areas that require improvement.  We always have the client’s best interest and safety in mind. Our audit services include:

  • Audit operators for proper crane safety and OSHA compliance
    • Both in Operating and in pre-shift inspections
  • Audit your In-House Crane Inspections
    • Both Frequent and Periodic Inspections
  • Audit your Crane Inspection Company
    • Are they finding all the unsafe conditions?
  • Video Auditing of Equipment for Safety and OSHA Compliance
  • Photographic Auditing of Equipment for Safety and OSHA Compliance


  • Complete report of operators’ strengths or weaknesses
    • Suggestions to improve the training of the operators
  • Complete report with photos and reference to OSHA regulations to define the issues that may be found
  • Report of any best practices that are seen at your company in relationship with the overhead cranes